President Trump has a hard-line position on policing. Joe Biden urges reforms to limit the use of force but rejects calls to "defund" police departments. LA Times
VOA VIEW: Biden's is radical and crazy.
An anti-Trump protester in Sacramento area on Monday jumped atop a police vehicle but was quickly thrown off when the driver sped away, video shows. The incident unfolded about 1:30 p.m. local time as a group of people were protesting outside McClellan Airport, where the president met with California Gov. Gavin Newsom to discuss the... New York Post
VOA VIEW: They are mad.
Foreign entities looking to influence American politics sometimes devise lucrative commercial deals involving a politician’s family. While the deals can, and do, ensnare politicians of all stripes, those involving the Biden family are particularly troubling: The transactions implicate US national security. While Joe Biden served as vice president, his son Hunter received offers from foreign... New York Post
VOA VIEW: Biden's friends and family have made a bundle.


The Team Trump-brokered peace deals that Israel, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates will sign Tuesday won’t end the Middle East’s problems, but they’re big steps in that direction — exactly the opposite of what the left predicted about President Trump’s approach. On Friday, Trump announced that Bahrain agreed to normalize ties with Israel, just... New York Post
VOA VIEW: The left has no clue on anything.
President Trump on Monday honed his reelection pitch for Latinos, saying Democrat Joe Biden would reduce safety and economic opportunity — turning their American dream into an “American nightmare.” “I’ve achieved more for Hispanic Americans in 47 months than Joe Biden achieved in 47 years. They don’t call him Sleepy Joe for nothing,” Trump told... New York Post
Just days before the start of a shaky new school year, panicked city teachers protested “unsafe” classrooms Monday, while Mayor Bill de Blasio continued to tangle with union leaders over Department of Education readiness amid the coronavirus. Teachers from several schools camped out in front of their buildings and vowed walkouts if Hizzoner persisted with... New York Post
Former Vice President Joe Biden's campaign is expanding its legal team in preparation for an intense fight over voting and election security this November. ABC
VOA VIEW: Fools!
The fires consuming the forests of California and Oregon and darkening the skies over San Francisco and Portland are also damaging a regional economy already singed by the coronavirus outbreak ABC
One of the quirks of the U.S. election process is that one candidate can win the popular vote but another can win the electoral vote and thus the presidency ABC
VOA VIEW: There is only one way to win the presidency.


Federal authorities say they are investigating the death of a Black man during what Louisiana State Police described as a struggle to take him into custody following a rural police chase last year ABC
VOA VIEW: Breaking the law has consequences.
Hurricane Sally has strengthened into a Category 2 storm and is expected to strike the Gulf Coast on Tuesday, while four other storms rock the Atlantic. ABC
VOA VIEW: It will go east.
The growing number of wildfires has been linked to global warming, but President Trump disputes the science and instead blames poor state management of the fires. Paula Reid reports. CBS
VOA VIEW: Biden is an idiot.
A new CBS News Battleground Tracker poll reveals Joe Biden is leading President Trump in Arizona by three points. If he were to win, he'd become the first Democrat to win the state since 1996. CBS
VOA VIEW: So say the liberal media and fools.

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Massive consecutive quarterly decline for industry that, up until COVID-19, had been profitable since 2013. CBS
The Trump administration says it has expelled nearly 8,8000 migrant children from the United States who arrived at the southern border without their parents. The Department of Homeland Security suspended humanitarian protections for most border-crossers citing CDC coronavirus restrictions. CBS
VOA VIEW: Unfortunately, as the US should.
The Trump administration claims the social media service's Chinese ownership presents national security risks. CBS
VOA VIEW: TikTok must be ousted out the US.


Black women are often considered the "backbone" of the Democratic Party, but Black men could play an equally crucial role in the upcoming presidential election. CBS
VOA VIEW: What would happen if one would target white men?
It was his first indoor rally since one Tulsa, Oklahoma, in June that was blamed for a surge in coronavirus cases. CBS
VOA VIEW: As he should.
TikTok is banking on Trump moving off public comments about a full sale to avoid a ban with its Oracle proposal. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Trump should and will sent them packing.
States like Idaho and Rhode Island are finding ways to give an extra $300 a week in unemployment benefits to workers ineligible for the Trump administration's Lost Wages Assistance program. CNBC
Top economists including Joseph Stiglitz, Paul Krugman and Mark Zandi offer predictions on the future of globalization. Jim O'Neill does not expect companies to stop selling to Chinese consumers, even if Western politicians say there will be consequences for the Covid-19 outbreak. Esther Duflo suggests coronavirus could be a bright spot for emerging economies to be able to compete with China. Jeffrey Sachs thinks a remote workforce could help bring the brightest minds to more jobs. CNBC
VOA VIEW: So-called economists.

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Trump suggested that warming trends leading to record-breaking temperatures in California would cool off on their own. "It'll start getting cooler. You just watch," Trump said. CNBC
It's been nearly two weeks since President Trump's payroll tax deferral went into effect. Large firms have been chilly toward it so far. Experts say the benefits of the tax delay are limited and carry risks for companies CNBC
VOA VIEW: Liberal fool nonsense.
PepsiCo is launching a new enhanced water drink called Driftwell. CNBC

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The world's largest vaccine maker, Serum Institute, says it may take until 2024 to get everyone a Covid-19 vaccine if the vaccine requires two doses. CNN
VOA VIEW: It may take some time - how long is guess work.
The U.S. Postal Service on Monday announced that it was closing some of its post offices in California, Oregon, and Washington amid the wildfires devastating West Coast. FOX News
The protesters who showed up at the hospital where two Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies were being treated after they were reportedly shot in the head while sitting in their patrol car on Saturday night are “trained professional agitators,” Fox Nation host Lara Logan told “Fox & Friends” on Monday. FOX News
VOA VIEW: They should be arrested, prosecuted and put in jail.
The Trump administration announced Monday that U.S. customs agents would temporarily seize imports of hair products, clothing, cotton and computer parts from Chinese companies determined to use enslaved labor. UPI
Tropical Storm Teddy formed in the central Atlantic early Monday and forecasters expect it will develop into a powerful hurricane within a few days. UPI
Hurricane Paulette was battering Bermuda with "strong damaging winds" and "torrential rains" early Monday, downing power for tens of thousands of residents, forecasters said. UPI
A disturbance off the western coastline of Africa strengthened into Tropical Storm Vicky on Monday, but forecasters don't expect it to last long. UPI
Tropical Storm Sally is strengthened into a Category 1 hurricane on Monday afternoon as it nears the U.S. Gulf Coast. UPI

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