Media bias may be in the eye of the beholder, but the ability of journalists to slant the news can be demonstrated in ways that are both obvious and subtle. Blatant bias was seen in the competing presidential town halls last week. In one, NBC’s Savannah Guthrie decided the job of the moderator was to... New York Post
VOA VIEW: The American press has lost credibility.
Joe Biden is also outperforming 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in polls of crucial battleground states. CNBC
VOA VIEW: A repeat of 2016 would destroy the liberal media and pollsters.
A former business partner on Thursday directly implicated Joseph R. Biden in his son Hunter's foreign deals to cash in on his father's political clout. "It was made clear to me that Joe Biden's involvement was not to be mentioned in writing, but only face to face," said Tony Bobulinski, ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: These accusations must be addressed by Biden.


President Trump on Thursday accused Democratic candidate Joe Biden of corruption involving his son Hunter Biden’s overseas business deals, at the final presidential debate before the Nov. 3 election. “All of the emails, the emails, the horrible emails of the kind of money you were raking in, you and your family… I... New York Post
VOA VIEW: The case against the Biden corruption is clear.
The coronavirus pandemic once again loomed large during the opening of the second and final presidential debate between President Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden, serving as the opening question to the candidates. The pair engaged in a spirited, but decidedly civil debate on the subject that served as a departure from last month’s first... New York Post
VOA VIEW: Biden said nothing, has done nothing and will do nothing.
President Trump is taking a page from his 2016 playbook by inviting a guest to highlight his attack on Joe Biden and his son's business dealings.        USA Today
VOA VIEW: Bad for Biden.
President Trump said the nation couldn’t be kept in an unending lockdown, pointing to the economic devastation in New York — which has become “a ghost town.” “If you go and look what has happened to New York? It’s a ghost town. Take a look at what’s happening to New York. It’s dying,” New York Post
VOA VIEW: The truth is clear for all to see.
President Trump slammed Joe Biden for calling him “xenophobic” in the early days of the coronavirus outbreak during their debate on Thursday night. But the two sparred over why Biden had lobbed the insult. The president said Biden had called him xenophobic over the restrictions on travel from China that he had imposed. New York Post
The United States still has the world’s highest COVID-19 death toll — with more than 222,000 succumbing to the virus — but we rank ninth among nations in deaths per capita, a new count finds. Eight other countries are seeing higher deaths per one million population, the Daily Mail noted Thursday. Peru has the worst... New York Post
VOA VIEW: The truth comes out and is clear.


Now that a former Hunter Biden business partner has confirmed key facts in The Post’s reporting of Biden’s efforts to monetize his family connections, Joe Biden has some explaining to do. But will anyone push him to answer some simple questions? Democrats and their media allies have tried to dismiss The Post’s work as “Russian... New York Post
VOA VIEW: The questions need answers from Biden.
Bobulinski, who will be a guest of Trump's at the debate, showed three phones spanning 2015 to 2018 as evidence and said he would be meeting with the Senate and the FBI to hand over electronics. New York Post
VOA VIEW: The nation is compromised by the Biden's.
This election, there is no subgroup for whom the stakes are higher than my Jewish co-religionists. That’s because, for starters, Donald Trump is quite possibly the most pro-Jewish president ever — or at least since George Washington famously assured the Jews of Newport, RI, that each child of the “stock of Abraham” would forever “sit... New York Post
The Democratic presidential nominee said he would appoint a bipartisan commission to examine whether an overhaul is needed to the judiciary and to make recommendations. New York Times
VOA VIEW: The truth has been sidestepped.

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President Trump is behind in many swing-state polls, but his social media accounts are attracting as much attention as ever. New York Times
VOA VIEW: Trump will prevail - America is not stupid.
“I feel that you both have insulted ‘60 Minutes’ and me by not answering any of our questions,” Ms. Stahl tells Vice President Mike Pence. New York Times
VOA VIEW: 60 minutes lose total credibility.
President Trump regards FBI Director Christopher Wray as having gone out of his way to separate himself from the president on multiple occasions.        USA Today
VOA VIEW: Wray is gone after the election regardless who wins.


Outside groups have now spent more than $2 billion on the U.S. election, with nearly two weeks still to go before it's all over, the Center for Responsive Politics said this week. That spending shatters the previous record set four years ago, which at this point was only a little ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Time will tell - much money is going for Biden -why?
A Black Lives Matter chapter in California has launched a fundraising campaign in an effort to get members trained in gun safety to protect themselves and their communities. FOX News
VOA VIEW: What about training whites?
Republican officials have asked the U.S. Supreme Court to return North Carolina to a shorter deadline for accepting absentee ballots that are postmarked by Election Day ABC
VOA VIEW: As they should.
DNI: Russia, Iran have obtained voter data in election interference campaign ABC
VOA VIEW: Voter data can be obtained - it's all about $$$.
New York appellate judges have upheld a decision to dismiss state mortgage fraud charges against Paul Manafort on double jeopardy grounds ABC
VOA VIEW: Good - enough is enough.

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New York, Seattle and Portland — three cities recently labeled “anarchist jurisdictions” by the U.S. Justice Department — are suing to to invalidate the designation and to fight off the Trump administration’s efforts to withhold federal dollars ABC
VOA VIEW: The truth hurts.
Kamala Harris' path on the campaign trail has been filled with discrimination, as she is the first Black and Indian Democratic vice presidential nominee, and a woman. ABC
VOA VIEW: It's the race card over and over.
Macy’s said Santa Claus won’t be greeting kids at its flagship New York store this year due to the coronavirus, interrupting a holiday tradition started nearly 160 years ago ABC

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Since March, more than 57% of Hispanic women and 53% Black women say they've lost income, compared to about 41% among White men and women. CBS
VOA VIEW: No big surprise.
In a rare nighttime press conference, top U.S. officials accused Iran and Russia of obtaining voter information ahead of the election, and said Iran used the information to send spoofed emails to voters, threatening them to vote for President Trump. Jeff Pegues has details. CBS
VOA VIEW: Iran better watch their stupidity.
Barrett's nomination was approved by the committee, and will head to the Senate floor Friday. CBS
U.S. stock futures rose on Thursday night as Wall Street weighed the potential for additional fiscal stimulus CNBC
VOA VIEW: Pelosi is and idiot.
Pelosi plans to speak to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin again as they try to strike a coronavirus stimulus deal before the 2020 election. CNBC
White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany told reporters Trump was tested for Covid-19 on Air Force One as he traveled to the debate hall in Nashville. CNBC
Mikal Goodman and Nicole Reid live in Michigan, a swing state that Trump narrowly won in 2016. Both Goodman and Reid are diehard supporters of Bernie Sanders and are deeply unhappy with the presidential options in front of them. This one issue could affect how they vote. CNN
VOA VIEW: It will be interesting.
In the run up to the presidential election, Attorney General William Barr and acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf have been traveling around the country to underscore the administration's accomplishments, particularly as they relate to President Donald Trump's core "law-and-order" message. CNN
Three people were killed across New York City Wednesday night among nearly a dozen shot as gun violence continues to increase exponentially. FOX News
FOX News
VOA VIEW: Many questions need answers.
Gilead Sciences' antiviral COVID-19 drug remdesivir, sold under the brand name Veklury, was approved by the FDA Thursday to treat patients who have been hospitalized with the virus. UPI
VOA VIEW: A start.
After rapidly strengthening into a major hurricane on Wednesday, Epsilon weakened a bit overnight Thursday as it crept closer to Bermuda. UPI
U.S. markets rose Thursday as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the latest COVID-19 stimulus package was "just about here" amid ongoing negotiations with the White House. UPI
VOA VIEW: Pelosi misleads and lies.
Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee voted Thursday to authorize subpoenas for Facebook and Twitter CEOS to testify before the committee regarding alleged censorship. UPI
VOA VIEW: About time.
Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden says if he's elected, he will assign a panel of experts to study the U.S. Supreme Court and make recommendations about whether reforms are needed. UPI
VOA VIEW: Again, Biden has dodged the packing question.
Southwest Airlines reported Thursday that its revenue fell by almost 70% between July and October due to hardship the COVID-19 pandemic has wrought on the air travel industry. UPI
The Supreme Court has upheld an effort by Alabama state officials to ban curbside voting, which would allow voters with impaired mobility or those vulnerable to COVID-19 to cast ballots from their vehicles. UPI

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